The SEMCA Michigan Works Network, of which the DCC-operated Southgate Center is a partner, assists hundreds of employers throughout southeast Michigan. Thousands of job seekers, from entry-level through highly-trained and experienced workers also use Michigan Works. About 90% of the job seekers we work with have at least a high school education, and over 40% have post-high school training and/or college degrees. Michigan Works Centers are designed to be a quick, easy-to-use option for matching job seeker skills and experience with employer needs to produce satisfied customers on both ends of the spectrum.

A Downriver Community Conference Business Services Representative can assist you with the services and information listed below.
Contact Devin Gray at 734-362-3456 or click here to send an e-mail request and a representative will contact you.

Pure Michigan Talent Connect

This is the State of Michigan’s Internet-based labor exchange system, which links employers and job seekers, saving you time and money. Your DCC Business Services Representative can provide you with training and information on:

Accessing and searching the Talent Connect for qualified candidates
Posting your job openings in the Job Bank
Exploring/accessing Labor Market trends and current Labor Market information including industry wage rates
Linking to your local Michigan Works Agency for a broad range of additional services


Finding Qualified Workers

Working with a representative at the Southgate Michigan Works Center gives you instant access to:

  • A large pool of pre-screened applicants
  • Training/information on how to generate your own searches using the Pure Michigan Talent Connect, accessing thousands of resumes
  • Opportunities to recruit and meet large and small groups of job applicants through participation in Job Fairs, and small group presentations, scheduled at your convenience
  • Information on Tax Credits and Bonding
  • Michigan Works Applicant interview facilities, if you prefer not to interview at your site
  • Information on business start-up and expansion services, and business counseling
  • Information on workforce training programs
  • Valuable labor market information
  • Linkages to community resources to meet the needs of your workforce
  • Testing and assessment services

Michigan Works Center Partners

A Veteran’s Employment Specialist is located at each Michigan Works Center. If you wish to hire a veteran, or seek veterans with specific skills, this specialist is available to:

  • Pre-screen and refer candidates
  • Inform you of any tax benefits you may qualify for by hiring veterans

Michigan Rehabilitation Services

Michigan Rehabilitation Services also has representatives in each Center to promote and advocate services for individuals with disabilities and the companies that hire those individuals. Their service menu includes:

  • Accommodation Services
  • Employee Retention and Acquisition
  • Risk Management
  • Information on Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Here are some websites with additional information relating to employing individuals with disabilities:

On-the-Job Training and Customized Training

Hiring new employees through Michigan Works means you may be eligible to be reimbursed for up to one-half of the new hire’s wages during a specific training period (normally 12 weeks or less, depending on the position), to offset the cost of reduced productivity during that time. On-the-job training agreements are negotiated on an individual basis. Your DCC Business Services Representative can also show you how customized training programs may be developed to meet your specific needs.

Testing and Assessment

For a business to grow and prosper, an educated and trained workforce is essential. The Southgate Michigan Works Center offers a variety of testing and assessment services to measure job applicants’ aptitudes and interests. Contact your Business Services Representative for specifics. Some testing and assessment services are free, but requests for other/additional tests may be accommodated for a reasonable fee.

Small Business Center

Your DCC Business Services Representative can connect you with the local Michigan Small Business Technology Development Center for even more services. Services vary by center, but may include:

  • Seminars for new business start-ups
  • Assistance with procuring government contracts
  • Individual business counseling on building business plans, establishing strategies for growth, creating marketing approaches, dealing with unexpected challenges, and generating realistic financial goals

Rapid Response for Lay-off

Lay-offs and closings are very difficult situations for employers and employees alike. Michigan Works staff is experienced in dealing with individuals facing this situation. We work to minimize the disruption, negative feelings and sense of loss experienced by the parties involved, and to assist dislocated workers with obtaining suitable re-employment as quickly as possible. Specifically, presentations may be arranged to provide the following information and services at your site:

  • Accessing Unemployment Benefits
  • Available programs and services
  • Petition information and instructions for filing for Trade Act Programs
  • Referrals to community resources to minimize the negative impact of job loss

Community Resources

The Michigan Works system utilizes a “One Call” Resource Center. Employers who need assistance for employees beyond the scope of the Michigan Works Centers (including formal Employee Assistance Programs) will receive information and appropriate referrals.

Tax Credits and Fidelity Bonding

A variety of tax credits are available to employers who hire individuals who meet certain criteria. Your DCC Business Services Representative can explain how to obtain this benefit. Specific tax credits available include:

  • Welfare-to-Work Tax Credit – for hiring long-term welfare recipients
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit – for hiring individuals who meet any of the following criteria
    • Short-term welfare recipients
    • Long-term welfare recipients
    • Veterans (family member receiving Food Stamps) or
    • Disabled Veterans
    • Unemployed Veterans
    • Food Stamp recipients 18 – 39 years of age
    • “Summer” Youth 16-17 years of age
    • Disconnected Youth (begin work for an employer during 2009 and 2010)
    • Residents of a federally designated Empowerment Zone, Enterprise Community, or Renewal Community, 18 – 39 years of age
    • Individuals with a physical or mental disability
    • Ex-Felons
    • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients
    • Vocational Rehabilitation work plan participants

For more information on tax credits, call the Michigan Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Unit at 313-456-2100, or visit the website at Michigan Works staff may also assist you in obtaining Fidelity Bonding for individuals who cannot be commercially bonded for any reason.

The SEMCA Michigan Works network has MICHIGAN WORKS SERVICE CENTERS throughout Wayne and Monroe Counties.