911 Consolidation Feasibility Study




In response to the rapidly changing 911 environment sweeping the country and technical advancements,
Downriver Mutual Aid (DMA) officials engaged Mission Critical Partners, LLC (MCP) to evaluate if
consolidating 12 public safety answering points (PSAPs) within DMA in some form of regionalization was
feasible and could improve emergency response outcomes in the region. To accomplish this task, MCP
completed a comprehensive assessment of the current state of public safety communications services of
the 12 PSAPs, including the organizational structure, operational configuration, staffing, training, quality
assurance (QA), leadership, performance management, technology, and facilities.

To read the full article please click here.  FINAL DMA Consolidation Feasibility Study

                            TEXT TO 911 “Coming December 13th 2021”

The Downriver Mutual Aid will soon deploy Text to 911 services in South East Michigan.

How it works :

·        Can I send a text to 9-1-1?

·        How do I text to 9-1-1?

·        Find the message or messaging icon or menu choice on your phone. Do not use a text app you downloaded. Select ‘create a new text message’. Put 911 in the to: field. Put your emergency and your location in the message body. Do not attach or send pictures or videos. Keep your message short and do not use abbreviations. After you enter your text, press send.

·        The 911 center will reply within 20 seconds to one minute.

·        Continue your dialog with the 911 center, and follow their instructions.

·        When do I text to 9-1-1?

·        Make a voice call when you can. Text if you can’t make a voice call, or if a voice call would put you in danger. Text-TO-911 is not as fast as making a voice call. The 911 center may ask you to make a voice call if you don’t know your location.

·        What else do I need to know?

·        Your phone must be able to send a text message. You can find out by texting a friend or family member to be certain.

·        Text-TO-911 is not a priority service. It can be delayed. You can’t send more than 160 characters.

·        If text-TO-911 doesn’t go through, you will get a ‘bounce-back’ message telling you to make a voice call to 911.

·        Where can I learn more about text-TO-911?

·        www.fcc.gov/text-to-911

·        www.in911.net