How the Program Works

Youth Recruitment and Matching – Eligible youth are recruited through educational institutions, community organizations and the city’s workforce development system. Youth are matched to employers based on interest, skill level, and accessibility. Employers are invited to interview and select candidates; otherwise, GDYT staff will manage the placement process.

Workplace Readiness – GDYT youth receive at least 12 hours of work readiness training prior to placement.

Youth Support – Depending on the youth’s level of participation, they receive an hourly wage or training stipend, ranging from $8.25 – $10.00 per hour. Youth are supported throughout the summer by a Worksite Monitor, who provides encouragement and advice to ensure a meaningful placement. Participants also receive bus passes to assist with transportation, to and from their site.

Employer Support – Every employer will be provided: 1) an Employer Orientation (live or virtual); 2) an Employer Tool Kit; and 3) a Worksite Monitor/Program Liaison. DCC serves as the employer of record and manages the youth payroll process.