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This website provides you with information, tools and resources to file for unemployment benefits, register and post your resume on the Pure Michigan Talent Connect, improve your job seeking skills and conduct your job search. 

To maximize your job search efforts, visit the Southgate Michigan Works Center at 15100 Northline Road in Southgate, MI (room 101).  There, our trained staff will evaluate your situation and refer you to all the appropriate resources for your job search needs.  In addition, Michigan Rehabilitation Services and Veterans Services have representatives available to meet (by appointment) with individuals eligible for their services.

The center is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday.  Stop in or call 734-362-3462.
File your unemployment claim via the Internet

Pure Michigan Talent Connect
Use this resource to post your resume and search for jobs.  This program allows you to reach hundreds of employers quickly, and matches jobs to your unique skills and abilities automatically.

Job Search Assistance/Resources
There are thousands of websites for Job Search Assistance.  Here are a few.
Flip Dog –
The Monster Board –
Hot Jobs –
Michigan Job Hunter –
Nationwide Newspaper Links –
State, County, City Jobs –

Congressman John Dingell has put together a guidebook for displaced workers that you may find helpful: Displaced Worker Guidebook

On-Site Services
When you visit the Southgate Michigan Works Center, you may access a variety of resources, including:
Resume and Cover Letter Guides
Occupational and Educational Guides
Job Search Support Materials
Apprenticeship and Civil Service Information
Career Exploration Tools
Immediate E-mail Resume Referral
Workshops (including but not limited to: Proven Job Search Tips, Interviewing for Success, Resume Writing, and Networking Techniques)

• Fax/Copy/Telephone Services • Interest Surveys
• Referrals to Community Services • Computers/Printers
• DeLEG Career Portal • Typing Tutorials
• Computerized GED preparation software • Career Research Tools

Veteran programs:

Veterans with at least one day of active military service and eligible spouses are eligible to receive Priority of Service. Priority of Service allows veterans and eligible spouses to receive Michigan Works! services before or instead of non-veterans. To take advantage of this entitlement, be sure to identify yourself as a veteran or eligible spouse to Michigan Works! Service Center staff upon entering our service center.

Priority of Service For eligible Veterans and Spouses

The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Offers eligible job seekers specialized services in Career Services including basic assessment, individual job development, job club and job search assistance.  Activities could include case management services such as the development of an individual employment plan, career counseling, specialized assessment, High School / GED preparation / completion, literacy activities, internships and work experiences.  Based on available funding, training may be offered.  Training activities could include classroom / occupational programs, on-the-job training opportunities, job readiness programs, customized training, incumbent worker training, apprenticeship opportunities and transitional jobs. 

Services are offered to dislocated workers, displaced homemakers, veterans, eligible spouse of a veteran and low income adults.  Eligibility is determined by several factors such as family income, plant closings or lay-off in declining fields.  All services are geared to ensure job seekers find employment at a self-sufficiency level.

WIOA Mission:
“WIOA will assist job seekers and workers access employment, education, training and support services to succeed in the labor market and match employers with the skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy.”  WIOA was signed into law July 22, 2014.

Eligibility guidelines apply.  If a youth is currently attending school, they must be between the ages of 14 – 21, low income with additional barrier.  For a youth that is out of school, aged 16 – 24 with a barrier.
Supportive services may be provided to eligible customers with emergency needs.  Once a customer finds employment, they are still entitled to follow-up services.  Follow-up services are geared to helping the customer maintain their employment.  If a customer loses their job, staff will continue to work with them to regain employment for up to 18 months.   

Youth services may also include:
Tutoring / Study Skills Training                      Secondary Schools Recovery Services
Pre-Apprenticeship programs                       Internships / Job Shadowing
Workforce preparation activities                   Leadership Development
Supportive Services                                      Adult Mentoring
Guidance and Counseling                              Financial Literacy
Entrepreneurial Skills Training                       Labor Market Information
Post education training preparation

Jobs For Michigan's Graduates

Out - Of - School Model

The Out-of-School (OOS) Model is designed to serve youth (ages 16-24) who have left the traditional school system and are interested in completing requirements for a high school diploma or attaining a GED. The primary mission of the OOS Model is to recover dropouts and to provide an array of counseling, employability and technical skills development, professional association, job development, and job placement services that will result in either a quality job leading to a career after graduation and/or enrollment in a post-secondary education and training Model.
Specialists also assist graduates in the exploration of postsecondary educational opportunities and show them how to navigate the financial aid process to pursue these opportunities.

Lynette Massey, Career Development Facilitator-Youth
(734) 362-7031

All program customers can attend job club to meet with business service representatives, learn about current employment opportunities and meet local employers.  Speakers promote various careers and school representatives may attend to discuss available training.   Job Club also allows our customers to support each other, share leads and network in general.  Customers can explore new careers in demand occupations. 

To pursue these services, please come to our center and register in Employment Services.  Once you have registered in Employment Services and your resume is posted on, you can ask any of our staff about our weekly WIOA orientation sessions.

Employers can benefit by posting openings on MichiganWorks! Talent Connect (   Staff can demonstrate the employer registration, job order posting and resume searches for employers.  Business Service Representatives are available to provide pre-screened referrals based on employer criteria.  Many employers utilize our resource center as an application site for multiple hiring activities.  Job fairs and special recruiting events are available throughout all SEMCA Service Centers.  On-the-job training reimbursement and customized training are also options that may be available.

For more information about program services, contact Devin Gray 734-362-3456. 

Ford Motor Company Waiting List: –

For eligible youth, Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) offers a comprehensive program.  WIOA is customer-focused, placing job seekers and businesses at the center of the system.   DCC Southgate Service Center provides a flexible, customer centered service with a goal of improving occupational, work readiness, and basic skills.
Qualified youth age 14-24 years old receive individual assistance from DCC staff to guide them in pursuing a career, High School Diploma / GED preparation, paid work experience, occupational training, and assisting them with job placement.   Youth receive one-on-one assistance with resume writing, using the internet to job search and customized assistance to meet their specific needs.   Special workshops are developed to meet the needs of youth.  


Partnership, Accountability, Training, Hope (PATH) Program (formerly JET)
The PATH Program is designed to establish and maintain a connection to the labor market for individuals referred by the Department of Human Services (DHS), while offering educational and training opportunities and job search/job readiness activities to increase the individual’s income, thereby reducing or eliminating a family’s need for public assistance.

The Path Program provides participants the education and training needed to move up career ladders for self-sustaining, lasting employment and permanent self-sufficiency. The PATH Program is an investment in the long-term growth and prosperity of our workforce and our economy.

For Michigan employers, the PATH Program provides prepared workers ready to take and retain jobs to help businesses avoid high turnover and become more productive. This approach provides long-term economic growth for individuals, families, businesses and Michigan’s evolving economy.

The PATH program operates Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

PATH Program Activities and Services

Core Activities:
• Unsubsidized Employment
• Subsidized Employment
• On-the-job Training
• Job Search & Job Readiness
• Work Experience
• Community Service
• Vocational Education Training
• Childcare for Community Service Program Participants
Non-Core Activities:
• Job Skills Training Directly Related to Employment
• Education Directly Related to Employment
• High School Completion or GED Preparation
• Transportation Assistance
• Interview Clothing & Uniforms
• Child Care Information/Referrals
• Basic Skills Assessment
• Career Assessment & Counseling
• Career & Labor Market Exploration
• Goal Setting & Individual Service Strategy
• Resume Writing Assistance
• Job Readiness Workshops (Resumes, Interviews, etc.)
• Barrier Resolution Workshop
• Money Management Workshop
• Various other Job Preparation & Retention Activities

Supported by the State of Michigan and the Southeast Michigan Community Alliance.