DPW - Department of Public Works/Services Collaborative

DPW – Department of Public Works/Services Collaborative

September 1, 2015

Dear Participating Communities and Stakeholders:

As part of the Downriver Community Conference’s efforts to be a catalyst and facilitator for collaborations and cost saving measures for our member communities, we decided to convene a meeting of the Department of Public Works Directors to explore the possibility of consolidated purchasing.  The group held their first meeting on December 11, 2007   and immediately determined that there is value in meeting regularly. 

To date, the group has successfully bid out several items collectively, maximizing savings for all, at a time when our communities desperately need it.

A Mutual Aid Agreement was also developed and approved by most of our member communities.  This agreement enhances each community’s ability to receive public works assistance from other communities during times of emergency.

The group has also expanded its scope, including representatives from MDOT, Wayne County DPS and the Wayne County Commission in our meetings.  We also developed a relationship with the Downriver Operations Managers (DROM) a consortium of operations managers from area school districts. We also network with Department of Public Works/Public Services directors from western Wayne County communities, who formed their own group, based on the success of our Downriver group.

These efforts continue to improve the network, knowledge base, purchasing power and overall collaboration of DPW/S directors in our region.

We are extremely proud of the work this group is doing and their accomplishments. 

Information on the group and the projects they are exploring, as well as questions or suggestions about this group may be directed to me via e-mail at Jim.Perry@dccwf.org or by phone at 734-362-3469. 


James S. Perry
Executive Director